The Standard Panel

The Standard Panel is the perfect permanent or semi-permanent solution for your room. It features a strudy wood frame, machinex20 tensioned fabric for uniformity and mineral fiber acoustic material that is mold resistant, anti-microbial and 100% recycleable!

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The Evolution Panel

The Evolution Panel is the most versatile panel on the market. Bar None. One panelevolution can be used to make clouds, wall treatments, hanging ceiling treatments, iso boxes, vocal booths, etc...

Choose the right set of accessories to make what you need. Change the configuration to meet your needs.

Home Studio Kits - COMING SOON

Does your living room double as your live room? Your closet as a vocal booth? Your bathtub a isobox?

Start with one of our Home Studio Room Kits to help you get a better result on tape.

Kits will have a combination of standard and Evolution panels and will allow you to change the configuration to suit your room. You will use the helpful guide that is included to help you figure out the best placement and configuration for your needs.