The i266 is a high sensitivity cardioid microphone. Durable enough to withstand the rigors of ENG life, the warm and clear sound of the i266 microphone is an excellent choice for broadcast and enables the iPhone to act as a genuine reporter's tool-of-the-trade. The i266 can also be used in conference room and is an excellent choice for recording voice and live music.


The i436 is a calibrated measurement microphone complying with the IEC 61672 Class 2 sound level meter standard. The sensitivity and frequency response of each microphone is individually calibrated at the factory before shipping. With the i436 and a dedicated App, you can turn your iPhone and iPad into a sound pressure level (SPL) meter or a real time analyzer (RTA) for time and frequency domain measurements.


The i456 is a wide cardioid microphone for general purpose audio recording. Use it as a high quality, high performance alternative to the internal microphone on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Ideal for recording vocals and acoustic instruments, interviews, conference meetings and rugged enough to be carried anywhere you want to capture high quality sound.


The iShotgun is a high quality hypercardioid solution for location recording on the iphone or to upgrade the mic on your DSLR. It's available by itself or as a kit with a slew of accessories that you would want with any shotgun mic, including a boom pole, shock mount, camera shoe mount, exntension cables, etc.


Fullscale is offering all the iSeries mics as standard with this amazing accessory kit. It includes an aluminum storage tube that doubles as a mic stand adapter, an extension cable, a headphone/mic splitter and a windscreen.

The Accessory kit for the iShorgum varies slightly and includes a mini boom pole and a shockmount.

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