i436_nappKnown for its perfectly clean sound, quality craftsmanship, and lightness of styling, MicW prides itself in designing and manufacturing high quality, high performance microphones for a wide range of audio measurement and recording applications. MicW microphones and accessories are the right choice when you demand the best in your measurements and recordings for voice, instrument, broadcast, film and video productions.

MicW is a member of BSWA Technology Ltd., a measurement microphone company. BSWA was founded in 1998 as a joint venture between the Chinese Academy of Sciences and five sound engineers looking to market better, more affordable measurement microphones. Today, BSWA microphones are widely used in aerospace, automotive, and environment noise measurements. The experience and expertise gained from designing and manufacturing measurement microphones enabled BSWA to create the new microphone brand MicW for use in audio and musical applications.

MicW uses unique methods to produce its capsules, the heart of a microphone, resulting in better performance, reliability, sound definition, and transparency. MicW capsule diaphragms are made from titanium, nickel, stainless steel, and polymer composites so that the best material is always used in its designs. In addition, carefully selected quartz insulating material within the construction ensures stability against high temperatures and humidity. Each capsule is individually calibrated using the free field method according to IEC 61049 measurement microphone standards and aged in an environmental chamber for long term stability.