pT2500plusLunchboxThe PT2-500 is an APIª 500 series compatible module that incorporates our new-technology Type 2 circuit design. Our Type 2 design provides the traditional ultra-resolution musicality of our original design preamps, but adds serious analog depth and warmth. In short: It sounds BIG!

Precision 8

PRECISION 8 is ideal for location recording due to its 8-channel single rack unit format, smooth continuous gain controls, useful level metering, and easy interconnect. The integral MS decoder provides creative spatial image control that is particularly useful in attaining an exciting stereo image with minimum effort and microphone repositioning.




The acclaimed TRUE sound is nowPSolo2012 available as a SINGLE Channel unit! At the 119th AES Convention in NYC, TRUE Systems introduced the P-SOLO, a single channel version of the acclaimed TRUE SystemsÕ family of microphone / instrument preamps. While sporting the same design and sound of the TRUE Systems Precision 8 and P2 Analog preamps, this new compact, single channel, desk-top version.

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